Dr Jacqueline Butler

Dean and Head of School of Arts
University of the West of England

Dr Jacqueline Butler is a Scottish artist and educator, Dean and Head of the School of Arts and a member of the College of Arts, Technology and Environment Executive team. As a manager, researcher, and teacher she strives to enhance the student experience and improve graduate outcomes, through expanding regional, national and international partnerships in the creative and cultural sector. Jacqueline has been a member of internationally recognised research and Higher Education networks, and has experience as a trustee on executive, advisory and gallery boards. These networks forefront new practices to engage with wider communities and interrogate the impact emerging digital technology has on creativity at a global level. She has presented papers outlining new pedagogies to support students to develop practice-based learning skills in response to industry needs, most recently in Stuttgart, Edinburgh and Cork. In March 2023 she was appointed onto the Council for Higher Education in Art & Design (CHEAD) as a Trustee. Her ambition as dean is to grow a diverse school community where there is creative space for all to develop, thrive and succeed. As someone from a low socio-economic background, first generation university educated she has first-hand experience of feeling marginalized and excluded. This has driven her throughout her career to be values focused, challenge discriminatory behaviour, and open gateways to enable many to experience educational excellence.

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