Election of Member Nomination submission

Notes for Guidance

This form should be completed by the candidate.

  • In order to stand for election a candidate must be the registered member for an institution in membership with CHEAD.
  • Candidates will be listed in alphabetical order on the ballot paper. A candidate’s first name will also be listed but not their title.
  • The following information will be published on each candidate in the biographical statement information which will be circulated with the ballot paper:

    1. Title (other than Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms)
    2. Current position
    3. An election statement (required)

Close of nominations

This nomination form must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the CHEAD Business meeting in Spring. Any nomination forms received after this time and date will be ruled invalid.

The safe submission of this form is the responsibility of the candidate.

All nomination forms received will be acknowledged within 3 working days by email to the address provided.

If you require any further information on completing this nomination form, please contact us.

Become a member

CHEAD membership is open to institutions offering higher education in art and design, and our members include all types of higher education institutions (small-specialist, Russell Group, post-92 university, public as well as privately funded).

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