ANdAE and CHEAD collaboration grows stronger

In continuation of the UK Day organized by the French Embassy in the UK at the Campus France agency last June, which brought together representatives from French and British higher education networks in art and design, preceded by a preparatory webinar in June on the landscape of higher education in arts and design in France and the UK, CHEAD and ANdEA organized a new meeting on October 19th to bring together French and British institutions at the Manchester School of Art during the ELIA Leadership Symposium.

Present on the French side were Alice Brunot (International Coordinator, ANdEA), David-Michael Clarke (artist-teacher at TALM and board member of ANdEA), Stéphane Sauzedde (Director of HEAR and VP International, ANdEA), Alexia Fabre (Director of Beaux-Arts de Paris), Jean-Baptiste de Beauvais (Dean of Studies Beaux-Arts de Paris), Loic Horellou (Dean of Studies ENSAD Nancy), Magali Coué (Dean of Studies ESADSE, and board member of ELIA), Benedicte Mahe (International relations, Beaux-Arts de Paris), and Sylvia Mesa (International relations, HEAR). On the British side, Sandra Booth (Director of Policy and External Relations, CHEAD) Alistair Payne (Head of the School of Arts Kingston University and Vice Chair CHEAD) Jacqueline Butler (Dean and Head of School of Arts University of the West of England and Board Member of CHEAD) Louise O’Boyle Associate Dean Belfast School of Art, Ulster University and Board Member of CHEAD) Juliette MacDonald (Director of Faculty Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh University and Board Member of CHEAD) and Uwe Derksen (Director The Margate School of Art).

This new discussion session allowed for the presentation of the outcomes of the initial meetings and a review of the work areas that were identified, both among the art schools across the Channel and between the two associations that bring them together, ANdEA in France and CHEAD in the UK.

These areas include:

  1. Facilitating meetings and long-term connections among artist-teachers by implementing reciprocal invitation programs for pedagogical residencies, ideally itinerant, and visiting professors programs
  2. Inventing lightweight and simple forms of collaborative work among students.
  3. Linking technical teams through the ETHO group.
  4. Working on a joint declaration regarding the central role of arts and design in technological innovation, alongside the joint committee for science and technology, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.
  5. Working on a strategic partnership agreement and a network of reciprocity between ANdEA and CHEAD, while also collaborating with other networks, such as the North Artistic Research Consortium.

It was also an effective opportunity for networking and presentations between British and French participants.

The following points were reaffirmed during the discussions:

  1. Concern about a whole generation on both sides of the Channel potentially not connecting.
  2. The presence of significant barriers to overcome (language, administrative, budgetary, and study costs in the UK).
  3. The priority given to the development of interpersonal relationships among artist-teachers in our schools as the basis for any cooperation (contact through friendship). Our connections should be based on common interests and friendships.
  4. Start small but let’s do it.

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