Technical Leadership Programme


Over the course of a year, the Technical Leadership Programme will offer around twelve individuals three themed sessions, one full-day in-person introductory session, an online follow-up session and a final third session in person where the cohort meet to discuss what they got out of the year with the new intake. Opportunities for mentoring will also be explored. In these sessions, delegates will be offered a safe space for discussion and exploration of key challenges facing new Technical Managers or those seeking to move into senior roles.

The Technical Leadership Programme is intended to support the development of the current and next generation of technical leaders in the art and design higher education sector.  It is aimed at technical colleagues who may be seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills in order to progress to senior technical roles, as well as recently appointed Technical Managers. Participants will benefit from the involvement of a range of contributors drawn from a breadth of art and design HE institutions sharing their experience and reflections on key themes.

2024/25 Programme

Application deadline

31st July 2024

Cost:  £280

Aims and outcomes

The Technical Leadership Programme aims to develop a network of next generationand shine a spotlight on new needs within the art and design HE technical sector. Our ambition is to use this programme as a tool to begin to change the narrative and framing of technicians and re-position technical colleagues within their institutions.

The programme aims to cover:

  • Leading within a technical context
  • Stakeholder engagement, influencing and managing different stakeholders: how to influence upwards and have a voice at the top table. 
  • How to move institutional barriers and boundaries to have influence and develop within themselves whilst understanding the complexities of academics and senior management.
  • What makes a leader and what are leadership qualities that technical leaders need to develop?
  • How to develop confidence, skills, how to present and understand the type of leader they are.

The sessions will provide a safe space for participants to bring issues for discussion within the group and action learning sets will be developed for participants to identify a problem to work on and return to it at the second session.

By the end of the programme, attendees should feel they have developed their skills in a range of areas to enable them to consider a move into a leadership role and to feel they have a network of colleagues to draw on for support as well as further mentoring opportunities.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is aimed at:

  • Technicians looking to progress into technical leadership roles
  • Technicians looking to transition into different roles in the organisation ie. teaching and learning, fellowship status etc
  • Technicians looking to reflect on their practice and develop a more research focussed role.
  • Technicians involved in cross-university projects and have gained knowledge and experience with other teams ie. digital services, academic programmes, capital estates projects. 
  • Technical Managers looking to progress into leadership roles

How is the programme delivered?

The programme is delivered through a series of three sessions spread throughout the year. The first introductory in person session in October 2023 aims to start the conversation and introduce the key themes:

  • What is technical leadership and technical management? We’ll consider operational to strategic.
  • What are the career pathways: who decides those pathways and what are they?
  • Influencing upwards and across:  developing relationships and institutional influence.
  • ·Leaders as facilitators: creating culture in teams. How do you create a technical team?

The second session will be held online in February 2024 and will be based on themes identified by delegates at the first session. 

The third session will be held in person in June 2024 and will address the action learning sets determined in the first session and future development opportunities including mentoring as well sharing with the next years new cohort with refection’s on the programme.

Delivery team

  • Abid Qayum, Head of Operations, NTU
  • Tyrone Messiah, Head of Technical Services, Staffordshire University
  • Anita Coppock, Technical Services Manager, University for the Creative Arts
  • Kieran Brown, Director for Technical, University of the West of England
  • Anna Maloney, Director of Membership and Operations, CHEAD

Key dates

  • Introductory in person session: October 2024, Exact date to be confirmed
  • Follow up session 2: February 2025, Exact date to be confirmed, online
  • Follow up session 3: June 2025, Exact date to be confirmed

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