Main institutional member role

Each member institution nominates a main representative, usually the most senior academic responsible for art and design in the institution. This main representative will have the right to vote at our annual AGM and have a say in the direction of CHEAD strategy.

Each member representative will receive the membership subscription renewal notice and also provide CHEAD staff with details of those colleagues they would feel would benefit from being added to the CHEAD mailing list.

Each member representative will also receive the Annual General Meeting notice, detailing those standing for election and re-election together with any resolutions to be put to the membership as well as financial statements, the Trustee Report and Annual Report.

Each member representative is requested to attend the Annual General Meeting and if unable, to appoint a proxy.

The member representative will be expected to cast their vote in the Honorary Officer and Trustee elections and to read the nomination statements circulated in advance to inform their vote.


Access our range of membership support documents

We have produced a series of leaflets and posters to support your institutions CHEAD membership which you can download and print:

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