CHEAD Research Alliance Strategy Symposium

September 19, 2016

CHEAD Research Alliance Symposium

A sold-out symposium launching the CHEAD Research Alliance was held on Thursday 8th September at the Royal College of Arts, London. With keynotes from Professor Naren Barfield and Professor Greenhalgh, the symposium aimed to facilitate the development of a coherent strategic approach to REF 2021 for ADM research on behalf of our members. Kerstin Mey presented a roadmap for successful ADM research curation and David Cotterrell shared insights into a more rigorous Practice as Research (PAR). The symposium concluded with an interactive exploration of key strategic issues forming the first stages of collaborative development of an ADM research strategy for REF 2021 and there will be a follow-up at the next stage of the Stern REF Review.

“A helpful meeting—clear, informative talks and robust discussion”.

Join the CHEAD Research Alliance network to keep abreast of developments in the ADM research sector and help shape strategy — free to all staff of our member institutions, email us for more information. More about CHEAD Research Alliance >>>

Don’t miss the CHEAD Leadership Programme Seminar 4: Leading and Developing a Research Culture: November 9 @ 10:00 am4:00 pm


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