CII Design Summit – CHEAD Pavilion

November 17, 2017

CHEAD is organising a Pavilion at this year’s CII Design Summit in Hyderabad, India on 5-6 December 2017. The summit is a platform to create an enduring partnership between design organizations and this year’s Summit theme is The New Narrative. India has changed significantly in the last 17 years and so has Design. Today many businesses understand the importance of design, the number of designers in the country has grown exponentially, Government is seen as using design and many such positive indicators are being seen around us. It is time that we establish a “New Narrative” for Design.

The UK and Indian design higher education sectors have a long history of cooperation and partnership. In the context of the CII’s 2015 India Design Report, the British Council’s report on the Future of Design Education in India and CHEAD’s own Brexit Manifesto, we are keen to maintain and build on our valued relationships with India’s design education sector.

Participating HEIs from India include: Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (Industrial Design Centre), Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati (Design Department), Indian Institute of Technology – Madras (Design Department), Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee (Design Department), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, School of Planning and Architecture, Indian School of Design & Innovation, MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pearl Academy, Ansal University, GLS Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, G D Goenka University, National Institute of Fashion Technology, DYP-DC Center for Automotive Research and Studies, Indian Institute of Art & Design.

The CHEAD Pavilion

The CHEAD Pavilion will showcase the UK creative HE sector through digital exhibits and meeting spaces for UK and Indian HEIs to interact. Pavilion delegates include University of Westminster School of Media Arts, Sheffield Hallam University Design Institute, Arts University Bournemouth, Bath Spa, Cardiff Met and Solent. We are also organising additional Summit activities:

Keynote: Prof Gillian Youngs: Innovation and Design Power: the Role of Place
Abstract: This keynote speaks to the role of place in understanding the multidimensional power of design in contemporary innovation and economic development and regeneration. It draws on recent learning from creative clusters in the UK about the importance of design as a tool for understanding digital transformations in economy and society. The presentation argues that focus on design helps us to ground innovation in specific places and the skills and cultural distinctiveness associated with them. With its strong focus on values and process, design aids revisioning of places through new innovative trajectories which tap into home-grown identities, talents and approaches.

Panel: 90 mins, Summit:
The Role of Creative Higher Education in Regional Economies
Chair: Prof Gillian Youngs | Panel: TBC

Abstract: In the UK’s creative and digital economy media, arts and design are drivers of innovation and success with higher education in these fields providing a vital talent pipeline. Diverse challenges are testing the future sustainability of this pipeline. In India higher education institutions are focusing on growing this pipeline to fuel economic growth through high value-added economic activity. What can we learn at the intersection of these related challenges and what kind of international collaborations should we try to build?

Breakout session in the CHEAD Pavilion (90 mins): 
Facilitating International Partnerships at Sector Level
Chair: Prof Sally Wade

Abstract: India and the UK have much to share across the creative sectors of higher education so building partnerships of mutual interest and benefit is a major challenge to be addressed. How can these partnerships be built effectively to strengthen the creative economy and new global dimensions of it? What are the barriers that stand in the way and how can we identify paths to remove them? How can collaborations across pedagogy and research support these processes.

Breakout session in the CHEAD Pavilion (90 mins):
Research: Looking for New Ways to Work Together
Chair: Prof. Gillian Youngs

Abstract: Research in creative arts and design is booming and its diverse impacts in economy and society are increasingly well understood. It is an excellent time to build new international research bridges in these areas but what are the mechanisms, both institutionally and academically, to move the agenda forward? What and who will be the key influences on how that agenda is shaped and progressed?

The full Summit agenda will be released shortly, the event will also be attended by India’s most prestigious design and technology institutes and universities.

If you would like to submit a 10-minute digital showcase for the CHEAD pavilion, please do contact CHEAD asap as time is extremely limited. 

You can register for the Summit here.



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