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September 12, 2022

Announcing The FACE Summit: Thursday 13th October 5-8pm (GMT) & Friday 14th October 11.30 am-7pm (GMT) a FREE event to platform research on identity, power, representation and belonging. This is an intersectional fashion platform led by Black and Brown Academics for all.

Blog post kindly provided by Caryn Franklin, FACE.

This event is for EVERYONE

The FACE Summit offers inspiration and practical teaching aids for required culturally competent delivery of education. The FACE Summit is both a live and online event hosted from the heart of London at Central St Martins in Kings Cross. Students especially welcome.

This Summit will be recorded and stored on the FACE YouTube channel.

  • Registration with Eventbrite (online) here

  • Registration with Eventbrite (in person) here

  • Online Summit on Teams, with some events also available to attend at Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

  • RSVP Form (for our records – attendance data) here

  • Downloadable Talks Schedule here

What does an anti-racist curriculum look like, and how do we avoid under resourced, privileged view-points informing process? How do we move away from the current binary, hetero-patriarchal and elitist models to co-create with our students?  The FACE Summit; is situated across two inspirational days in October dedicated to coalition and joyful curiosity.

This event is for EVERYONE


The programme opens Thursday 13th October from 5-8pm with award-winning filmmaker Ricardo Barker’s brief film: Disclosure to foreground FACE co-founder discussion on the challenges for Black and Brown academics in education (only 1% of university professors are Black). This will be followed by Dr Christine Checinska in conversation, the V&A’s inaugural Senior Curator of African and African Diaspora Fashion and Lead Curator of the Africa Fashion exhibition – showing July 2022 – April 2023, will share insights from a stunning career.

The event continues online Friday 14th October 11.30-7pm with multiple panels running concurrently (see below) to offer a wide variety of educational presentations. Downloadable schedule coming soon.

The event will close at 6pm with drinks and live event takeover by Jameela Elfaki Founder and Editor in Chief of independent Magazine, Platform and creative agency AZEEMA.

“Black culture and Style is fundamental to the global conversation. The language of fashion and identity is rapidly shifting. Black and Brown creativity carries important market currency in 2022, so when and how will we remove race barriers to honour all student need for culturally competent education.”

FACE co-founders Andrew Ibi, Pascal Matthias, Sharon Lloyd

FACE together with organisers Central St Martins, have partnered with CHEAD, British Fashion Council, Parsons New York, Slow Factory, Farfetch, Fashion Minority Reports, Mentoring Matters, Tilting the Lens and Azeema. Special thanks to Hywel Davis, Tanveer Ahmed and Isabella Coraca.

Schedule of events

Thursday 13th Oct. 17.00 19.15 (GMT)

17.00 – 17.10 Welcome from Dr.Rathna Ramanathan, Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of Central Saint Martins College

17.10 – 17.30 Film: Disclosure: Voicing our Truth by Ricardo Barker (Leeds Trinity)

17.30 – 18.00 Keynote 1: FACE founders Andrew Ibi (Liverpool John Mores University Pascal Matthias (Southampton University) Sharon Lloyd (Solent University), in conversation with Caryn Franklin MBE (Kingston School of Art) pictured in the gallery below.

18.00 – 1805 Break

1805 – 17.15 Keynote 2: Dr Christine Checinska. See below.

18.05 Keynote 2: Africa Fashion at the V&A. Dr Christine Checinska, is the V&A’s inaugural Senior Curator of African and African Diaspora Fashion and Lead Curator of the Africa Fashion exhibition, July 2022 – April 2023. Formally a senior womenswear designer, for iconic British brands such as Margaret Howell, Checinska’s creative practice and research explore the relationship between fashion, culture and race. Recent exhibitions include an intervention for Makers Eye: Stories of Craft, July-October 2021, Crafts Council Gallery, and Folded Life February 2021, Johanne Jacobs Museum, Zurich, Switzerland. Recent publications include ‘Re-Fashioning African Diasporic Masculinities’ in Fashion and Postcolonial Critique, Elke Gaugele and Monica Titton (eds.), 2019. In 2016 she delivered the TedxTalk Disobedient Dress: Fashion as Everyday Activism.

Friday 14th Oct 11.30 – 19.00 (GMT).

11.30 – 11.35 (GMT) Welcome to Day 2m from Tanveer Ahmed: Event Organiser

11.35 – 12.35 (GMT) Keynote 3: Growing up in different Worlds: The UK. Osman Yousefzada in conversation with Asiya Durrani-McCann


2.35 – 13.10 (GMT) Keynote 4: The Black Experience in Design: The US Lesley-Ann Noel. An Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Design Studies at North Carolina State University, with a BA in Industrial Design from the Universidade Federal do Paraná, in Curitiba, Brazil a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, Noel earned her Ph.D. in Design from North Carolina State University in 2018. Co-Chair of the Pluriversal Design Special Interest Group of the Design Research Society she was previously the Associate Director of Design Thinking for Social Impact at Tulane University. Noel’s research promotes greater critical awareness among designers and design students by introducing critical theory concepts and vocabulary into the design studio e.g. through The Designer’s Critical Alphabet and the Positionality Wheel. She is one of the editors of “The Black Experience in Design” an anthology featuring the stories of seventy Black designers.

13.10 – 13.15 Break


Panels will run concurrently

Panel 1. Addressing Racism in the Fashion Industry

Flavia Loscialpo (Solent University), Salmena Carvalho (Edinburgh College of Art), Radha Singh: Presentations: racial capitalism (FL), institutional racism (SC), diverse role models (RS)

Panel 2. Diversifying Digital Fashion

Sonia Snood (Southampton Solent) Beatrice Newman (University of East London) Noorin Khamisani (University of Portsmouth): Presentations: digital diversity (BN), racism in data (SS) Digital Sustainability (NK)

Panel 3. Unseen on Screen

Bafta winner PC Williams in conversation with Daniel Peters, Minority Report

Panel 4. Beyond Europe: African New Wave Fashions

Erica de Greef and Lesiba Matsibela (African Fashion Research Institute) (chairs) with Nkumbu Mutambo (Northumbria University), Tolulope Omoyele (London College of Fashion) Benita Odogwu-Atkinson (University for the Creative Arts) and Fashion Liberation Collective (North Africa) Nada Koreish (University West England)

Panel 5. Hair, Race and Beauty intertwined

Sharon Lloyd (Solent University), Chair with Davina Hawthorne (De Montfort University), Rose Sinclair (Goldsmiths College), Max Kandhola (Nottingham Trent University), Michelle Marshall in conversation with Professor Emma Tarlo TBC (Goldsmiths University) discussing the exhibition Hair: Untold Stories at the Horniman Museum

Panel 6. Black and POC Masculinities

Harris Elliot (CSM), Chair, with Lorraine Henry King (LCF), designer Samson Soboye,Presentations: Black Super Heroes (LK)

14.15 – 14.30 Break

PC Williams is a BAFTA winning costume designer & stylist. Graduating from Central Saint Martins, and working across moving image, advertising, fashion and music; In 2021 Williams was announced as part of the BAFTA Breakthrough class. Her credits include “We Are Lady Parts” (C4 / Peacock) which she won Best Costume Design at the 2022 BAFTA TV Awards, The Baby (HBO / SKY), 2020 BAFTA winning Dreamland (SKY), as well as upcoming projects currently in post-production – Polite Society (Focus Features) and The Kitchen (Netflix).

FACE Summit 2022 Speaker

Join academics, industry champions, cultural influencers, activists, artists and designers to explore RACE in 2022 and beyond

Harris Elliott is a Multi Disciplinary Artist, Cultural Curator and Academic with an extensive portfolio working in fashion, music and art. ‘Culture without compromise’ is his studio mantra, a statement of intent refined through years of inspired global working with heavy emphasis and inspiration from Japanese and Jamaican cultural references. Elliott is renowned for his international, cultural, socio-style exhibition Return of the Rudeboy, Somerset House and Punk in Translation. He is also a Senior lecturer in Fashion, Identity & Culture at Central Saint Martins.

FACE Summit 2022 Speaker


Panels will run concurrently

Panel 1. Can White Educators Decolonise Fashion Education?

John Boddy (Falmouth University) Chair

Mylinh Nguyen (University of Brighton), Sukaina Dykes (Solent University), Jason Forrest (Nottingham Trent University), Max Kandhola (Nottingham Trent University), Jacob Goff (Northumbria), Presentations: decolonising the curriculum (MN), library (SD) curricula/industry (JF) Creative Change makers (MK); heritage brief (JG)

Panel 2. Addressing Barriers to Fashion Education

Asiya Durrani-McCann (Manchester Fashion Institute) and Ezinma Mbeledogu (UCA) presenting and in conversation with Dal Chodha (CSM), Berni Yates (CSM) and a fashion designer (TBC) Presentations: Embracing the uncomfortable truth – How to address racism and ethnicity in HE(AD) and The Only Black in the Village (EM)

Panel 3. Fashion Education: The Systemic Revolution (book discussion)

Ben Barry, Dean School of Fashion (Parsons School of Design) in conversation with Black/POC book contributors: Grace Jun (University of Georgia), Sang Thai (RMIT University), Riley Kucheran (Toronto Metropolitan University – formerly Ryerson) and Tanveer Ahmed (CSM)

Panel 4. Student Experiences

FACE Student Group-led panel from Kiara Morris (Central Saint Martins) and Tegan Rush (Central Saint Martins) from FACE Teleica Kirkland (London College of Fashion) Hemlines, Student Collective (Central Saint Martins)

Panel 5. Fashioning Education Workshop

Film Screening: Expectations of diversity in textiles education and industry. Elaine Igoe and Nicholas Dunn (Chelsea College of Arts, UAL) presenting student film

Panel 6. The Intersectional Politics of Fashion Education: nightmares & dreams. 

A workshop of constructive, collective destruction – Fashioning Education Group, Berlin Renate Strauss and Franziska Schreiber (Berlin University of the Arts)

Panel 7. See My FACE

Pascal Matthias (Southampton University) and Caryn Franklin (Kingston School of Art) on recent FACE anti-racist initiatives including the work of FACE White Associates.

15.30-15.45 Break

Daniel Peters launched The (Fashion) Minority Report in July 2020. Peters is a brand and marketing specialist, creating equality within the fashion industry and creative sector for diverse professionals, by advancing the conversation around inclusion and diversity to a point of measurable change.

The Diversity Report connects with a broad reach of clients to help them create Inclusive Workplace Cultures, by developing strategies and delivering solutions unique to their businesses that foster a more inclusive community which supports existing talent.

Peters, a Peckham native, also sits on the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee at the British Fashion Council, and the Fashion Retail Academy, helping to bring about systemic change relating to inclusion and diversity in the sector.

FACE Summit 2022 Speaker


This summit is brimming with creativity presenting inspirational voices of minoritised visionaries across technical, commercial and educational disciplines.

Céline Semaan-Vernon is a Lebanese-Canadian designer, writer, advocate and public speaker. She is the founder of Slow Factory, a 501c3 public service organization working at the intersection of environmental and social justice, which produces a conference series promoting sustainability literacy called Study Hall, and the first science-driven incubator in fashion called One X One. She is on the Council of Progressive International, has been a Director’s Fellow of MIT Media Lab, and served on the Board of Directors of AIGA NY, a nonprofit membership organization that helps cultivate the future of design in New York City. Céline has received a grant from the city of New York to build a climate institute in Sunset Park focusing on pollution reduction and accessible climate education. The Slow Factory Institute opens its doors in Spring 2023.

FACE Summit 2022 Speaker


Panels will run concurrently

Panel 1. Dorchester Experimental Lab Mentoring Project with Tolu Coker. David Kappo (Central Saint Martins) in conversation with Tolu Coker (Dorchester Experimental Lab Mentee)

Panel 2. Diversifying the Fashion Industry. Asiya Durrani-McCann (Manchester Fashion Institute) and Radha Singh (Nottingham Trent University) in conversation with Daniel Peters (Fashion Minority Report), Laura Edwards (Mentoring Matters) and Diversity Head (Farfetch)

Panel 3. Diaspora Fashions. Harris Elliot (Central Saint Martins), (Chair) Nada Koreish (University West England) presenting own practice Fashion Liberation Collective (North Africa) Jameela Elfaki (AZEEMA) Rahemur Rahman, (Central Saint Martins)

Panel 4. Inclusive Fashions. Tilting the Lens workshop (content to be announced).

Panel 5. Inclusive Bodies. (Content to be announced).

16.45 – 17.00 Break


17:00 – 17.45 Panel 5. Provocation 1: Slow Factory Céline Semaan

17:45 – 18.15 Panel 6. Provocation 2: Black Business Institute Sharon Lloyd and Darren Miller.

18:15 – 19:00 Panel 7. Closing Provocation: LEGACY: There Is Nothing New About Black Fashion Culture Andrew Ibi (Liverpool John Mores University) and Harris Elliot (Central Saint Martins) BOLD presenting BOLD (Black Oriented Legacy Development) in conversation with fashion designers (TBC)

19.00 21.30 Drinks with party, all invited, DJing by Andrew Ibi Lethaby Gallery

FACE Summit 2022 Speakers (continued)

From L-R Row 1. Ricardo Barker: Leeds Trinity, Tolulope Omoyele: London College of Fashion, Teleica Kirkland: London College of Fashion. Tegan Rush: Central Saint Martins. Row 2 Tanveer Ahmed: Central Saint Martins, Sonia Sood: Southampton Solent, Sang Thai: RMIT (Australia), Riley Kucheran: Ryerson University (Canada)

From L-R Row 1. Ben Barry: Parsons School of Design (US) Dal Chodha: Central Saint Martins, Darren Miller Black Business Institute, Davina Hawthorne: DeMontfort University. Row 2. Elaine Igoe: Chelsea College of Art, Flavia Loscialpo: Solent University, Grace Jun: University of Georgia (US). Jacob Goff: Northumbria University

From L-R Row 1. Nkumbu Mutambo: Northumbria University, Nicholas Dunn: Chelsea School of Art, Mylinh Nguyen: University of Brighton, Max Kandhola: Nottingham Trent University. Row 2. Kiara Morris: Central Saint Martins, Kelly L. Reddy: Iowa State University (US, Jason Forrest: University of East London, Jameela Elfaki Founder & Editor in Chief AZEEMA

From L-R Row 1. Bernie Yates: Central Saint Martins, Erica De Greef: African Fashion Research Institute, Lesiba Mabitsela: African Fashion Research Institute, Asiya Durrani-McCann Manchester Metropolitan University. Row 2. Beatrice Newman: University of East London, Benita Odogwu – Atkinson: University for the Creative Arts, Emma Tarlo: Goldsmiths College, Ezinma Mbeledogu: University for the Creative Arts. Row 3. John Boddy: Falmouth University, Nada Koreish: University of West England


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