FACE Teaching Survey: See My Academic FACE.

This spring Fashion Academics Creating Equality (FACE) have teamed up with Kingston School of Art to gather lived experience from educators up and down the country. 

As all conscious leaders are aware, Black academics make up just 2% of the academic population (Adams, 2020) and are not recruited or progressed with the same keenness as white/non-minoritised colleagues.

The information gathered from both minoritised and non minoritised lecturers, course leaders, technicians and support staff via the study, will aid drives for better recruitment, retention and progression of minoritised educators by white institutions. 

“Leadership and legal systems recognise only overt and witnessed racial slurs or overt and witnessed victimisation. Racism that is ingrained, covert, routine and longstanding, goes unaddressed,” say FACE cofounders.

FACE invite all creatives from Art and Design fields to contribute their experience of teaching and promote the study within their institution to colleagues.

The short study is anonymised, and information will not be passed to any institution. Read more here



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