See My Face: New survey report from Fashion Academics Creating Equality demonstrates a lack of diverse and inclusive teaching bodies.

January 19, 2022

All here in Black and white.

Findings from the See My FACE survey conducted throughout the final 2021 term, by our colleagues FACE: Fashion Academics Create Equality, reveal daily psychological and educational trauma for minoritised learners in higher education to show these students are twice as likely as white or non-minoritised students to strongly disagree that they are taught by a diverse and inclusive teaching body. The report covers themes such as

 How we experience our race

My knowledge has been curated through a white lens.

The absence of Black and Brown academics.

Aggression – the observed behaviours of white teachers and students.

For  more info and a link to download the full report – read ‘It’s all here in Black and white:”

Sampling conducted by Fashion Academics Creating Equality (FACE) from over over 50 institutions nationwide features 881 minoritised and non-minoritised student voices. The findings in the report pertaining to race, emerge only when race aware and race equality questions are asked, such questions are absent amongst current NSS questions.

FACE are campaigning for race-equality and race-aware questions to be added within the National Student Survey. This imperative is clearly underlined by FACE in their report. 

The revealing findings in the See My FACE report have been passed to the OfS.

Currently OfS are consulting on proposed changes to NSS questions but in the latest iteration have failed to take on board the recommendations to include any question relating to race and identity.

Read more.

See My FACE: The missing race equality questions in higher education.

FACE: Fashion Academics Creating Equality

Authors Caryn Franklin, Sharon Lloyd, Pascal Matthias, Andrew Ibi. Data analysis Sonia Sood

Online Survey Report

Corresponding academic Pascal Mathias –

For data analysis –

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