The FACE RACE Summit 2022 – All Filmed Content Available NOW

March 6, 2023

The FACE RACE Summit, the first national academic platform for the creative arts, platforming Black, Brown and minoritised creativity, to explore experience in a white fashion industry, was hosted at the end of last year by Central Saint Martins. Also partners, were CHEAD and British Fashion Council.

Now all filmed content is available on the FACE website and presents vital knowledge, lived experience and inspiration for your academic cohort via the FACE website.

Summit Content available here

  • 67 speakers
  • 24 panels
  • 42 institutions involved
  • 1000 plus online attendees
  • 450 plus in-person attendees
  • 1349 page views!

“Would LOVE to see more summits and discussions surrounding these issues. This feels like the start of something big. I’ve followed FACE since the beginning on social media and knew quite a few people talking last week at the summit. I urged all the management team and Curriculum Leaders from Foundation to join me at the summit.”

FACE curated 24 panels, featuring international participants and experts on diverse topics such as Beyond Europe: African New Wave Fashions; Race and Beauty Intertwined Hair: Untold Stories, Black/POC Masculinities, Can White Educators Decolonise Fashion Education? Student Experiences from the FACE Student Group; Fashion Education: The Systemic Revolution.

“Ricardo Barker’s film and the introduction by the FACE Co-Founders was incredibly moving and emotional. To hear people, speak from their heart about their experiences detached from their profession just made me feel very empathic towards them.”

Disclosure – Voicing our Truth: A film by Ricardo Barker

This 12-minute powerful film opened the FACE Summit. It features Black and Brown academics speaking anonymously about the struggle of working in a white system.

Watch ‘Disclosure’ here

FACE united 42 institutions including leading UK Universities Edinburgh School of Art, Northumbria University, Liverpool John Mores, London College of Fashion, University for the Creative Arts and international Schools including Parsons School of Design, Berlin University of the Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Georgia, African Fashion Research Institute, supported an event that has galvanised white anti-racist energy and demand for change.

See more with links to all panels here

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